The Edge is a two player local fighting multiplayer game. The game is set on the edge of the universe and uses the mechanics of aiming and throwing an infinite amount of swords forged from dying stars. The first player to kill the other, wins! 

Programmers:Tyler Moon and Rocco Wu

Visuals: Michael Correa and YingLuo Xu

Audio: Michael Correa and Rocco Wu

Voiceover: Rocco Wu

Music made by Rocco Wu using Garage Band and FL Studio 12. 

Listen to the The Edge Soundtrack on SoundCloud:

The Edge runs best on Google Chrome.


Once the page loads, click inside the game screen which will take you to the titlescreen.

At the titlescreen, press any key to start the game.

Player 1 uses arrow keys to move and “P” to grab weapon and throw it.

Player 2 uses WASD keys to move and “space bar” to grab weapon and throw it.

Once players grab a weapon, they must hold down the grab/throw key again to bring up the aim mechanic, a colored circle which moves around the player indicates the direction where the sword will be thrown at. When the players have  found the desired angle, release the grab/throw key and the sword will be thrown.

At the end game screen, press any key to return to the titlescreen.