The Magician is a 2D platformer adventure game where the player must track down the evil sorcerer, Morvain, to his fortress while battling his minions with special abilities from tarot cards.

Designers: Peyton Sandridge, Rocco Wu, and Jake Brake.
Programmers: Rocco Wu, Peyton Sandridge, and Stephen Fink.
Visual Artists: Nico Bellomo and Jake Brake.
Sound Designers: Rocco Wu, Nico Bellomo, and Jake Brake.

Player Controls

W- Jump

A - Move Left

D- Move Right

Spacebar - Shoot Fireballs

Left Shift - Teleport Dash in direction the player is facing

ESC - Pause Menu

Windows download of The Magician

Mac OS download of The Magician:

/!\ If you are not playing in full screen, please decrease your browsers zoom so the full game can be seen/!\ 

Follow the instructions below for better visual optimization:

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