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The Magician is a 2D platformer adventure game where the player must track down the evil sorcerer, Morvain, to his fortress while battling his minions with special abilities from tarot cards.

Designers: Peyton Sandridge, Rocco Wu, and Jake Brake.
Programmers: Rocco Wu, Peyton Sandridge, and Stephen Fink.
Visual Artists: Nico Bellomo and Jake Brake.
Sound Designers: Rocco Wu, Nico Bellomo, and Jake Brake.

Player Controls

W- Jump

A - Move Left

D- Move Right

Spacebar - Shoot Fireballs

Left Shift - Teleport Dash in direction the player is facing

ESC - Pause Menu

Install instructions

1. Press the Download button.

2. Open the file directory.

3. Click on  the file "The Magician"

4. For best performance, play the game at 1920x1080 resolution.

5. Press play!


The Magician Windows.zip 36 MB

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